2017 Paper Submission Form

The Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender (OSCLG) invites scholars, artists, teachers, consultants, and activists to celebrate 40 years of gathering to imagine a better world through feminist thinking and practices in Omaha, Nebraska, October 5-8.

OSCLG has grown from a series of interdisciplinary conferences that began at Bowling Green State University in 1978 to become a well established interdisciplinary and international feminist organization that fosters the presentation of research, creative projects, and activism in the areas of communication, language, and gender and advances feminist values in the academy and our communities. This year we celebrate four decades of feminisms; forty years of valuing, conceptualizing, and practicing equality across differences.

“Forty” is thought to represent a time of renewal after a period of trial and tribulation, a season of regeneration. We call for scholars across academic disciplines, communities of practice, and research approaches to celebrate where we have been and imagine where we can go as feminists in our work, families, communities, and, indeed, the world. Let’s use our history to envision a better tomorrow across multiple contexts (social, political, economic, legal, and more). We encourage papers that explore multiple waves or decades of feminist history/practices, address how to use our his/her/hir-stories to improve our futures, and raise questions about conceptual foundations that need to be challenged to move forward in inclusive, collaborative, and productive ways.

Please join us in celebrating multiple shades of feminisms as we (re) imagine our collective possibilities!

Online submissions - Omaha 2017

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