Conference Registration 2019

Interrogating Intersectional Masculinities 

Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender

October 17-20, 2019

Cincinnati, Ohio

For more than four decades, OSCLG has brought together students, scholars, activists, artists, and practitioners interested in gender and language and committed to feminist principles.

Masculinities have functioned, over that time, as a consistent object of critique, debate, conversation, and rumination–sometimes marked explicitly as such, but most of the time functioning in the background of analyses that center feminisms, women’s experiences, and critiques of femininities. OSCLG 2019 proposes bringing masculinities into sharp focus as the conference theme–not to displace scholarship about feminisms, women’s lives, and femininities, but to name and interrogate the operation of masculinities at work in the shadows of scholarship and activism around gender. From political candidates bragging about sexual assault to public figures facing accusations of sexual harassment, the problems of toxic and hegemonic masculinities have loomed large in the popular imaginary over the last few years. Moreover, toxic and hegemonic masculinities lie behind many of the problems commonly addressed in feminist scholarship: gender violence (a physical manifestation of toxic masculinity), reproductive justice (resisting masculinist efforts to control others’ bodies), homophobia and transphobia (expressions of cultural policing of “proper” masculinity), and intersectional critiques that articulate awareness of the interaction of masculinities with other systems of power that produce inequality for people, such as nationality, race, class, physical and mental (dis)ability, religion, size, or economic status.

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