Managing Director Job Call

The Organization for the Study of Communication and Language (OSCLG) is seeking its next Managing Director/Chief Financial Officer to serve a three-year term beginning November 1, 2018 and ending November 1, 2021. The newly appointed Managing Director will shadow the current Director beginning June 1, 2018 and fully transition into the position after the 2018 conference.

The newly-appointed Managing Director will be responsible for tracking the financial health of the organization and reporting on the organization’s finances to the Executive Committee and broader membership. Some responsibilities include:

  • Prepare the organization’s budget, make regular financial reports to the Executive Committee, and render an annual financial statement to the membership
  • Receive and deposit all organizational funds in a bank or trust company approved by the Executive Committee
  • Issue receipts and make authorized disbursements by check after approval by the President or the Executive Committee and maintain online financial accounts with designated bank, Paypal, and QuickBooks
  • Administer online and debit/credit card access for the organization
  • Complete filings with the IRS and complete, file, and pay nonprofit good standing state annual fees
  • Advise Conference Planner and Executive Committee on conference budgeting including registration fees, site fees, etc.
  • Manage conference registration payments and reimbursements
  • Manage ordering, printing, and transporting conference awards and certificates and administer financial awards as well as conference fee waivers for appropriate awardees (as per by-laws)
  • Pull records of journal subscriptions and communicate to W&L editor
  • Keep records of all the meetings of the organization and the Executive Committee


Those interested in the position should send a brief email indicating their interest in the position and qualifications/experience pertaining to the job accompanied by a full curriculum vita to to OSCLG President Chad McBride ( by November 1, 2017. Members of the OSCLG Executive Committee with meet virtually with individuals interested in the position after this deadline.


If you have questions about the position or selection process, please contact Chad McBride or Stephanie Norander, current Managing Director/Chief Financial Officer