2020 Annual Conference

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Navigating Privilege

Organization for the Study of Communication, Language, and Gender 43rd Annual Conference
Oct. 1-Oct. 3, 2020

Sponsored by Ball State University and Christopher Newport University

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***Please note, conference registration closes Sept. 29 at 11:59pm. Registration closes so that the conference planners are able to administer the necessary links to the Zoom sessions.


Due to health and travel concerns of our membership, we have opted to defer the in-person conference scheduled for this fall in Norfolk to October 2021.

Instead, we are re-imagining a smaller, curated online conference experience at a significantly reduced rate that includes the cost of membership, the Women & Language journal subscription, and the honorarium fees for our invited keynote panelists, who have graciously agreed to share their expertise with us in the online format.

OSCLG Online 2020: De-Centering Privilege will require online registration to access the live content via scheduled WebX video conference sessions Thursday, Oct. 1-Saturday, Oct. 3.

The online experience will consist of no more than a few panel slots (likely with only one session each slot) in the late afternoon to early evening each day to account for various time zones. The online conference will incorporate the following formats: an introductory/welcome with our Keynote panelists, followed by virtual Wine & Chocolate; an Awards recognition ceremony, followed by virtual Wine & Chocolate; a Wise Women’s themed discussion/experience; and a few or more themed panels/roundtables depending on the number of submissions.

Instead of the traditional, 4-5 paper panel format, we envision a more discussion-based roundtable approach to the themed sessions, where a session chair introduces the participants, each participant spends 4-5 minutes discussing their topic, then the session chair poses a few pre-planned questions to the participants, and of course leaves time for audience members to pose their own questions and comments. We would also like to incorporate some online social experiences, such as yoga and Coffee/Tea Conversations. We will of course offer submitters the ability to opt out of the online experience and hold their papers for next year, or pull their acceptance altogether.

For your reference APA offers guidelines for citing work presented online at https://apastyle.apa.org/blog/canceled-conferences

Conference CFP

To navigate means to direct, aim, or plan a route. For almost half a decade, OSCLG has challenged gender scholars and the communication discipline to invite new, more fluid ways of knowing and being. For this year’s conference we are interested in how communication helps us navigate and challenge the intersections of vulnerability and privilege, of precarity and security, of pain and joy, of critique and celebration. We invite proposals that illuminate how marginalized communities navigate within spaces and places that privilege particular bodies more than others. How can we as an academic community that crosses disciplinary boundaries direct attention to the meaning of privilege? In what ways do language and communication provide opportunities for disrupting privilege? How do communication and language confine us within particular privileges of intersectional gender norms? What tools do communication and language provide to navigate the margins of privilege? What privileges have historically bound our discipline? How can scholarship, pedagogy, and mentorship provide safe pathways through precarious institutional terrains?

OSCLG is faced with a unique opportunity to showcase the rich scholarship and activism about gender and its intersections within the communication discipline, which is reckoning with its own systemic oppression that has historically privileged binaristic, masculine, Western ways of knowing (and working), heteronormativity, whiteness, and able-bodiedness, among other markers of privilege. We strongly encourage proposals rooted in citational politics that cross these normative boundaries. Academia is a privileged space, yet increasingly under threat. How do we channel this privilege in our scholarship? In our classrooms? Language about gender by public officials and others with privilege is overwhelmingly divisive and binary. How can we turn that privilege on its head to explore empowering possibilities that privilege affords? We look forward to navigating these topics with you in the seaport city of Norfolk, Virginia, in a place where navigation is central.

We invite submissions of papers, extended abstracts, panel sessions, roundtable discussion, and performances that address any aspect of communication, language, and gender, and especially those based in advocacy, activism, and social justice around issues of privilege, vulnerability, immigration, citizenship, non-binary communitites, and de-centering whiteness and other privileged identities. We ask that individuals not exceed being included on more than two submissions. All submissions are due June 15, 2020, with decisions about acceptance expected by July 15. Submissions can be made at www.osclg.org. Please send any submission questions via email to Kathy Denker at kjdenker@bsu.edu or Danielle Stern at danielle.stern@cnu.edu.

Please look for an additional call for the Undergraduate Portion of the OSCLG conference. Michaela D. E. Meyer is coordinating the inaugural OSCLG Undergraduate Research Conference. Please contact her via email at mmeyer@cnu.edu with any questions.


Conference Rates:

Student/Adjunct Conference Package $45; $5 conference; $25 journal fee, $15 membership

Faculty/Industry Conference Package $75;  $10 conference, $25 journal fee, $30 membership, $10 Color Purple Travel Grant (with option to donate more)

Lifetime Member Conference Package $45; $10 conference, $25 journal fee, $10 Color Purple Travel Grant (with option to donate more)

Undergraduate rate information available on the Undergraduate Call For Papers.

OSCLG instituted The Color Purple Award, a travel grant program to assist students who contribute to our goal to enhance racial and ethnic diversity of people and ideas at our conference and in our organization. Please look for submission information for the 2020 award on the OSCLG website. The CPA deadline is August 17.