We would love to have you join the Organization for the Study of Language,  Communication and Gender!

You have three choices in memberships: Annual Member, Life Member, and Departmental Member. Membership lasts for a year through August 1st of the following year. If you are registering for the conference at the same time as renewing your membership, complete the form on our Conference Registration page here. If you wish to become a member during another time of the year, complete the membership form below.  (Note: You do not need to attend the conference or pay conference fees to become a member.)

Becoming a member has its benefits, including:

Annual Membership ($30 annually)

  • a reduced conference fee
  • a  listing on our OSCLG experts list to highlight your areas of research
  • the ability to vote in OSCLG elections and other business
  • advance notice of registration
  • early reminder of OSCLG deadlines
  • access to OSCLG membership directory
  • ability to post your institution’s job announcements on our website.

Annual membership runs annually from August to August of each year, to coincide with conference registration. However, you can sign up to become at a member at any point during the year, but your registration will expire the following August.

Life Membership ($300 one time cost)

A life membership has all of the benefits of a annual membership without the worry of having to renew your membership each year.  You will also be listed on our website as a life member of OSCLG.

Departmental Member ($50 annually)

A departmental membership will allow your University and department to be designated on our OSCLG website and let two of your students receive memberships for free.

OSCLG Membership

  • Members are included on a list of expertise that is accessible to media, universities and research teams. Please list three keywords/areas of expertise.
  • $0.00


If you have questions about our conference or organization, you can find more information on our FAQ.