Social Media

There are many ways to access and spread news about OSCLG and its members. Check out the four options highlighted below: Our Blog, Our Facebook Page, Our Listserve and Twitter!

OSCLG Facebook PageThis is what a feminist looks like

The OSCLG Facebook Page is a great place to go to see current news from OSCLG members, to post ideas about communication, gender, and language, and to respond and appreciate the posts of others. You can find the page OSCLG Facebook Page here, and be sure to “like” us so you will keep up-to-date with posts on your own Facebook newsfeed.



OSCLGLogoOSCLG Instagram

The OSCLG Instagram Account is a great place to go to see current pictures of OSCLG members, current and past conferences, and fun links to feminist pages. To post images, tag #osclg.


OSCLG Twitterpurple twitter

Follow OSCLG on Twitter! OSCLG follows and retweets from many important feminist news sources, and can be a great source of information about OSCLG events, blog posts, and conference activities. So if you tweet, follow OSCLG – @osclg.