President’s Welcome

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice” ---Shug to Celie in The Color Purple

The Color Purple is one of my favorite books and this quote, toward the end, serves as a reminder that the beauty in the ordinary should not be overlooked. Alice Walker’s story is a compelling look at sisterhood, survival, and self-love in a community where connection, compassion, grace, and generosity offer a healing balm for the painful realities of everyday life.

As I write this welcome as President of the Organization for the Study of Communication Language and Gender, the world is opening after an unprecedented year of quarantine in a pandemic. A time when routines changed as we normalized “social distancing” and “virtual connections” when the ordinary shifted to everyday experiences challenging our physical and emotional wellbeing and community. As I look back at that year, I am proud our OSCLG community sustained the connections we find so important in our scholarly lives and academic institutions. I extend deep appreciation for many moments that sustained my own wellbeing and that of our members in a difficult time.

But this is what OSCLG does—and has done for 44 years. This is a community that offers more than shared scholarship and socialization into the academy, for many of us it is an “academic home.” When we gather each year for our annual conference, many find it a respite where connection, compassion, grace, and generosity are modeled, sustaining a community of well-being through our ordinary interactions—in panel sessions, over meals, while on walks, or yoga mats, and those joy filled evenings of shared chocolate.

It gives me great pleasure to send this warm welcome those who want to learn more about our OSCLG community and how OSCLG can support your scholarly work and help you sustain your wellbeing! And I am looking forward to a return to community and connection in the world and especially with my dear OSLCG members who, like me, appreciate the beauty in the ordinary moments—and the color purple!

May all be well, happy and at peace, Karla D. Scott

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