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The Organization for the Study of Communication, Language & Gender provides a forum for professional discussion, presentation of research and demonstration of creative projects in the areas of communication, language and gender. We are a community that values and recognizes the many amazing people doing work in this area. Join the conversation.

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Each year at our annual conference we share our research, award the work of our colleagues, and gather informally over the course of several days. Submit your research or simply attend to hear what others are working on! Either way, we would also love for you to become a member; membership supports the organization and gives you a vote, access to deeper organizational conversations, and discounted conference fees. You can also subscribe to Women & Language—our organization’s peer-reviewed journal! However you want to get involved, welcome!

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We are committed to social justice in all forms. Please check out our current causes.

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Join us at our annual conference to learn, find inspiration, and connect with colleagues.

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Joining the OSCLG listserve is a way to receive updates about OSCLG events, research opportunities, job postings, and more. To join the OSCLG list-serve, email Patty Sotirin at pjsotiri@mtu.edu. This is an opt-in list-serve, meaning that you must subscribe to it individually (you will not be automatically added when you join OSCLG). Also, if your email changes, please be sure to update it with Patty. If you are already a member of the listserve and would like to post to the listserve, send an email to osclg-l@mtu.edu and your message will be automatically posted for all to see.

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